Wednesday, September 22, 2010

21 Days to a New Habit

I am hoping to hear from people who have done the diet for different lengths of time. How long can round 1 be? I read 21-40 days. I think in part 21 days is the number I always heard it took to create a new habit. Do something for 21 days, and you have a new habit, good or bad. :) I think that is part of the protocol. I am curious as to whether or not you stop losing or the hCG loses effectiveness at different times for different people.
I am so excited to be on the diet!


  1. Hi Amy,
    Dr. Simeons wrote that the max is 40 effective injections. Effective excludes load days and of course days you skip weekly and days you skip for your period if you decide to. I skip the first two days of my period.
    My rounds have een shorter than 40 effective injections. Longest was 37, shortest, 34.

  2. Also, the minimum is 23 days and you don't skip. Under 23 doses and fat is regained. You'll need to read Pounds and Inches to be sure you're on the right track.

  3. I did sublingual drops. My first round was 93 days and I lost 45 pounds. My second round was 48 days and I lost 13 pounds, fo a total of 58 pounds and 7 sizes. I'm in P3 now, soon to go into P4.

    If you are injecting, then 40 days is supposed to be the longest you can make a round, due to immunity. Sublingual you can go longer as immunity is not an issue.

  4. I am using drops. I hope I get those results!

  5. I went 63 days starting sub then switching to injections. Lost 50.2lbs my first round. Best of luck to you!!!

  6. Where have you been, Amy? Are you still writing/blogging? I wanted to invite you to read my blog, to, by the way! I'm only just getting started, and I need to make it more fun, but we have a lot in common! I also sell Mary Kay and my favorite book is The Bible.:) I hope you're still doing well! I started the VLCD on Sunday and so far have lost 8.8 lbs.

  7. Oops! Here it is:

  8. Hi Amy!
    I have just come across a comment you left on my own hcg blog that I used so much while doing my hcg last year. So sorry to leave you hanging!
    I would love to know how your round(s) went and what little tricks you've learned.