Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday...the loss continues!

Today is Monday. It is Round 1, Phase 2, day 5, or R1P2D5.
I was a little worried about weighing today because, well I cannot explain it delicately. For personal reasons that have to do with the bathroom, I was concerned that I would not have a loss. I lost .4, yea! I will take a little loss.
Net loss 3.2, total from end of phase 1, 6.2.

I was concerned about constipation, as that was not normal for me. I kept drinking fluids all day and today too. That has helped.

Saturday I made buffalo chicken. I cooked in a pan that I sprayed with cooking spray. I added chicken, Trappey's Louisiana Hot Sauce, and some pepper. The chicken was great, probably especially because my menus had been pretty bland until then.Sunday I stir fried chicken with low sodium soy sauce for lunch, and shrimp in key lime juice and garlic for dinner. The chicken was good, the shrimp not so much. I also ate strawberries yesterday. Yummy! I have had an apple for a treat, cooked in the microwave with cinnamon and stevia. So good, especially if cooked to the right texture. Yesterday it tasted just like apple pie, but of course, I may have been halucinating. My husband looked at it and said no thanks!

I have only had the occasional hunger, at 10:30 am and 4 p.m. on workdays. I believe the key is mindset, so stay connected to people who are supportive and those that are doing this for best success.
Good luck to all of you in your hCG dieting journey!


  1. Remember you are supposed to eat 2 fruits, 2 protein and lots of veggies every day! :)

  2. Thanks Wolf... I have so far. Just my veggies have been mostly cucumber, because I love them. I have not seen broccoli on the protocol. What veggies do you recommend? My fruit so far has been grapefruit, apples, and strawberries.

  3. A good help for constipation is magnesium. Keep increasing your dosage until your stools are loose, then reduce your dose by one pill. My first round I had no issue, but on my second round, magnesium helped to move things along. Good luck, I'm sure you'll do great!

  4. Thanks, Susan. I will try that. I think I have supplements on hand. When did you take it?

  5. As for other veggies, I've eaten asparagus, which I've never had before. I eat them stir fried but with the Bragg's Liquid Amino. I tried them once with just Mrs. Dash seasonings and they were "ok". It's like you stated, "mindset" If you know you are doing your body good to lose weight, you'll eat it! lol Keep Up the Great Work!