Friday, September 17, 2010

Just Beginning

I am starting the HCG diet. As I write this, I am on Phase 2, Day 2, or R1P2D2. I am really excited about trying the HCG diet after hearing of some great results. So far, it has been from a friend of a friend and on-line that I have heard. Now I have started my own testimonial. I will write about my experiences of the HCG diet.

Before I started, I thought the diet was "to good to be true" and looked very difficult. A friend told me about a client (a bride-to-be) who kept losing weight in a short period of time. My friend had ordered the product herself and was going to start the next week. I asked her to tell me about what happened with her client. The girl with the dress had gone down a size and half in less than a month. She told my friend about HCG. My friend told me. Originally, I though, "Oh I have heard about that. That's too good to be true, plus it would not work for me. It would be too difficult."  I told my friend, "I will wait and see if it works for you." Right? Let's see if it works for someone I know. Plus, I think it would be too hard.

Here is the plan:
Phase 1 -2 Days to eat whatever you want, load up, while taking the drops.
Phase 2- 21-40 days of restricted eating (500 calories a day) while taking the drops, plus other restrictions.
Phase 3- 3 weeks of adding foods slowly, calories up to 1500 a day.
Phase 4-Transition into regular eating, limiting sugar and starches.

I went home and thought about the diet. I decided to go ahead and start myself and find out if it works. Plus, she had ordered HCG from a company offering a money-back guarantee. I I read about HCG online again. I checked out different websites and decided to order the drops and picked a start date.

Round 1, Phase 1, Day 1-2. The first two days of the diet are "gorge days". Wow! I cannot remember the last time I ate with such freedom. I have "watched my weight" since I was a teenager, sometimes with success, other not. So, for the first two days, you can eat whatever you want, and overeating is encouraged. You're kidding, right? No. I did. I ate whatever I could and loved it. At the end of the first day, I could tell I had stuffed myself. However, I read that the gorge days were necessary for a smooth beginning. One website had examples of people who started the diet with gorge days having more success than those who began without gorge days. I sadly watched the the clock turn midnight that last day. It was almost like I was eating my last meal. I love to eat, and probably eat for the wrong reasons.

During the first two days, I took the drops as prescriber, 6 drops, 6 times a day. My drops did not come with an instruction manual, so I looked up information on-line. During the gorge days I gained 3 poundes (+3). :( Ughh, I felt it.

For a little history, before my June wedding, I lost weight, about 25 pounds over 5-6 month period. I lost my weight at the gym doing weight training, walking, running, and some cycling. I started the year and became more rigorous and frequent in my workouts. I lost some weight through working out and tracking my food. Then, right before the wedding, I ate almost no carbs, kept working out, and did my own version of Atkins.

This morning, I was minus 2 (-2) from top recent weight. That make me plus 1 (+1) since starting. So far, I have had some hunger, but not extraordinary. I have prayed my way through a few temptations and the desire to eat out of habit. I almost at the end of Phase 2, Day 2.


  1. arrrrgh!! I just wrote a huge story for you in this comment box and accidentaly deleted it! Anyhoo, long story short I am starting the protocol on monday and I am sooo excited and nervous, wanted a person who I could go through it with, but pretty much everyone I told thought I was nuts >:( So I am glad I found your blog b/c I will just tag along on your little journey. Good luck to us!!!!!!!!

  2. Amy - can you pls tell me where you got the drops, website?

    So much info and just wanted the most reputable brand!

  3. Hi Meghan,
    I feel the same way! I am so excited you are starting the journey. I have not told many people, except my husband. I prepared him to help me. I asked him to not eat around me or with me for the first few days. I did not want to give in to temptation, and usually eating with him, even if he has different foods, he offers me some. I also did not want to smell something I would want, at least to help with getting started.
    I thought it was a little nuts, too. Now, I think I am going to wish I had done this before my wedding!
    Today, I was down 3 pounds for real. That is, this is my third day of restricted eating and I have a net loss of two pounds. I mean, that is nothing compared to others I have read about, but I am just beginning. Also, I have had a real hard time losing weight lately. To lose 2 pounds in less than a week is a big deal for me.
    Keep looking in here, and check out hcg other ways to find a virtual support group. I am fortunate to be friends with someone who just got started. That is an encouragement! But if you stay connected, you may find that it helps.

  4. Hi Peechuz,
    I ordered my drops from Amazon, as it was much less money. So far, I don't know if they are reputable. :) They are working for me, but I really don't know much about the company. Mine are from Natural Health Labs, Homeopathic hCG, liquid drops. I bought a 2 ounce bottle. One problem with my order is it did not come with support, such as the book pounds and inches. However, so far so good, I found the book on-line and downloaded it. They seem to be working. I hope that helps!

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  6. LOLOL! HI! I am laughing at "i sadly watched the clock strike midnight" feeling like it was going to be your last meal. OMG.. I thought I was the only one feeling like that. I had a panick attack thinkin about all the food I was not going to be able to eat. However, every time I think about where I want to be in 2months, I feel it's worth the sacrifice! Hang in there. We're on the same journey! Thanks for sharing! (i deleted the first one b/c of the name)

  7. Thanks, Skinny Cow!I agree, and now that I am losing my belief is high! Thanks for the encouragement!