Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Net Loss Today! Yea!

Today I woke up and thought "I wonder what I weigh" Ha ha! I have avoided the scale for weeks, now I look forward to progress.

Today I lost 3 pounds since yesterday.
So, I gained 3 pounds during the gorge/loading days. Sigh, I felt it. Then yesterday, I had a loss of 2, today a loss of three.

I am looking forward to the next few days. If I can lose 2 pounds in less than a week, that is pretty amazing. Last year I worked hard to lose weight to get ready for my wedding. I did not use hCG. However, I was at the gym, keeping a food diary, then eventually went low carbohydrate. I am hoping and expecting better results now.

So far, there have been some big changes for me.

First, I am, correction, was, the biggest Diet Coke addict. I have stopped cold turkey, now almost three days. No headaches, or true cravings. I am blessed! To prepare for no Diet Coke, I prepared green tea the day before the first restricted day. Now I have made green tea and other hot teas about twice a day. I was going to drink diet green tea from the store, and had purchased a couple six packs. Then I read that the only sweetener I can have is Stevia. So, I do not drink my store bought drinks, they have Splenda or aspartame in them.

I start the day with coffee, Stevia, and a little milk. Later, I have drank water. Around lunch time I have green tea. At home in the evening I have had other hot teas, rasberry flavor for me. I also used to drink tons of Crystal Light. I have stopped that, too. I make up the herbal teas, add some Stevia, and put it in the container I used to keep my Crystal Light in. I call it Kool Aid to my students. I think having some healthy/allowed drink choices ready has helped me not to eat from boredom.

So far, preparing has been key: preparing mentally and with food and drinks.


  1. First off... Best of luck with your round!!! I found your blog on the Yahoo group. You can find tons of recipes online so you don't get bored. I made up a folder and keep it with me. I have always been a big cooker so this was a no brainer for me. Anyway, I will keep an eye out for your updates!!!

  2. Well, I got my hcg and today is my first loading day which I was soooooo looking forward to :) but now I am having a hard time making myself eat. Idk if it's the hcg already or just mental... I have read a couple posts recently on the yahoo group about the hcg not working at all!!! that kind of freaks me out but I will keep my fingers crossed and follow the protocol to a T! good luck :D

  3. Incredible, I love your name! Thanks for the tip. I have found a recipe on Facebook for Buffalo Chicken, I tried that and it was good. Yesterday, I stir fried chicken in soy sauce, that was even better. I also stir fried shrimp in key lime juice. That was not so good. I did not know which of these would be ok, but so far, so good.

  4. Ok, Meghan, that is ok. I read that too. I am trying to read for just what I need to know right now. I understand. I also found lots of technical stuff that was too much for me. I think it is all very useful, but I am just taking in what I can, and trying to stay on track. I think the HCG is working. I felt that way on loading days and ate anyway. Keep it up, prepare for Wednesday, and you will do great!

  5. I was drinking a lot of crystal light and Hawaiian punch sugar free, and realized a couple of days ago that they have aspartame in it. Now I don't know how to drink my required water. I drink green tea, but I don't know if I want to drink it all day. lol

  6. I drank Crystal Light and Diet Coke and Coffee.... last week :) Now I prepare green tea, add stevia, let it cool, then put it in the refrigerator. There are probably faster ways, but this is working for now.

  7. Amy did you use regular soy sauce? If so, there's a GREAT product that's all natural that taste JUST like soy sauce and actually better because it's not as salty. Bragg's Liquid Amino. It also have LOTS of Protein. I used it in a meal I found online. Shrimp, asparagus, some fresh garlic, fresh lemon juice, sauteed and drizzled in the Bragg's Liquid Amino! OMG! It was theee best! I'm having it again tonight and I'm so excited to get home and eat! lol Let me know if you try it :-)

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